President message

Welcome to ICR Florida Education! Here at ICR you will find a dynamic, first rate learning environment focused on helping you achieved your most important educational, professional and personal goals.

Fostering student success is at the core of all we do at this school.


ICR Florida Education is dedicated to helping our students graduate and get a much better job sooner. We focus on educating people for rewarding careers and enriching lives. Our goals is for students to achieve success in career-oriented programs and enhance their skills in critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and using technology culmination in satisfactory career placement or advancement in current employment. To fulfill this goal, the institution will:
1) Provide a solid foundation of specific competencies that will enable students to acquire the skills required in their chosen occupation.
2) Provide students will education and knowledge to become competent members of their communities, enabling them to appreciate and successfully cope with the human relations problems encountered in the workplace.
3) Provide programs that include a variety of skills that will bring students to a fuller realization of the world in which they live and work, so that they will be capable of achieving a satisfactory and rewarding career life.


ICR FLORIDA EDUCATION is part of ICR SERVICIOS EDUCATIVOS. ICR SERVICIOS EDUCATIVOS is an independent organization first established in 1999 in the city of Rosario, Argentina, to provide appropriate and culturally non-university education for the citizens of the region. The group has three different business units oriented to train students to be qualified professionals. The institutes are: ICR Cursos Profesionalizantes, ISEM Instituto Superior de Estética y Moda and GASDA Instituto Gastronómico, Apart from the ones based in Rosario, the group has many franchises located in the most important cities of the country.


We are an educational institute with more than twenty years of expertise in the job market. We are focused on the personal and professional growth of our students, offering different training courses, in the areas of Administration, Business, Health care, Languages, Sales and Marketing.

Our main aim is to provide students the skills training, effective and cognitive skills needed to succeed in health care and administration careers.

Throughout the courses, the students are able to develop themselves in the labor market and to optimize their performances as professionals.


Our mission is to prepare students to achieve the highest quality skills in the field of fashion, beauty, massage therapy, skin care, hairstyle, manicures and pedicures. ISEM provide not only professional knowledge but also deontological ethics.

We strongly believe that people can immerse themselves in their passion.
Our courses ensure that students learn the proper techniques that are demanded of today’s market to develop effectively the best protocols and procedures.


GASDA Instituto Gastronómico is a culinary institution whose aim is to professionalize the culinary industry by the education and training of our students in the area of gastronomy.

Our different programs include academy study (kitchen practical and classroom theory) and train the students to start a career path on the food business, providing the basic and professional skills required to perform competently.

We have a food-focuses education model that provide the elementary skills to professional and amateurs chefs who want to make an outstanding career in food, beverage and hospitality.

Our school

One of our competitive advantages is our location and the vehicle connectivity. The school is placed near the intersection of I95, the palmetto (826) and the Turnpike. ICR Florida Education has its building on the 633 Northeast 167th Street, Suite 913, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162.

The school will have a 3836 square feet surface, two modern and complete laboratories, which provide a propitious atmosphere for students to learn with didactic and audio material. We also have theory rooms, computer laboratories, a student’s room, a reception, administrative offices and a library. These are necessary to guarantee that students study and research simulating the same conditions they will find in their working life. Restrooms are available for disable people according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have a big parking area for our students and an elevator to access to the school.