Medical Assistant Certified Prep Class


A Medical Assistant is a person who, under the direction of a physician, performs various
routine administrative and clinical tasks in a hospital, clinic, or similar facility.

It is the responsibility of the Medical Assistant to know the laws and policies concerning a
Medical Assistant’s scope of practice in the state and facility in which they work.


2 year verificable work experience as a Medical Assistant Profesional , or Graduation from high school (or the equivalent), and graduation from an approved Medical Assistant  program within the past five years.



 80 hours.


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ICR Florida Education is an approved testing site for MedCa. MedCa is an independent third-party certification agency. MedCa provides certifications for current healthcare workers (with at least two years of work experience) or graduates who have successfully completed an approved training program. Obtaining a MedCa certification does not warranty employment. MedCa certifications are not equivalent to formal education or training. Students that successfully pass the certification exam receive a certificate by MedCa which will expire within two years. For additional information about MedCa visit their official site www.medcainc.com